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2021. The inconvenient TRUTHS FYRLYT will continue to illuminate in consumer interest.

From day #01 we have educated people what is relevant to actual driving light performance and the marketing used that potentially misleads many.

So much so, our new packaging has the worst of it explained so you DO NOT GET MISLED. If 'some' think its ok to perpetuate incorrect information we will continue to make no apologies in exposing it. The majority of 4x4 media seemingly have no interest in it even after a decade. We can only conclude they don't wish to upset their advertising revenue stream? Hardly serves you the enthusiast.

You would think FYRLYT's sole unique position would have been story worthy in the media? How many light brands have had their own designer talk about light quality and a Medical Association report re 5000K and LED lighting viewed over 5 million times worldwide? An Australian company working with local specialist businesses rather than sourcing or outsourcing to China for the bulk of components or whole lights.

Whether it be long running magazine titles or media influencers it would seem they open an email from a brands marketing department and release it verbatim with some pretty pics and zinger headlines. We have had a couple of direct instances that really do not pass the litmus test. We will not play the 'game' of free stuff or cash for comment.

We do not blame the stores or sales people, they are juggling hundreds of items, keeping staff gainfully employed especially through this COVID era. Big corporates often have mandates to franchises via preferred supply chains but what is not excusable is misinformation to you the consumer.

What they should consider is how this reflects on their credibility and if they knew what customers tell us re their experiences heads would roll out of boardroom meetings. People get duped once they rarely go back.

What keeps us motivated is our customers who have come from LED & HID after being disillusioned and feeling something is not quite right.

We encourage questions in good faith and based on sound engineering and relevant science.


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