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The FYRLYT difference? Talking to the designers, Paul & David direct. True Australian innovation.

Considering purchasing driving lights or spotlights in 2021? Confused? It is hardly surprising. There has never been more products in these market sectors. You the consumer are spoiled for choice.

Every year more brands appear due in part to the era of 'rebranding' generic Chinese sourced products or components and spinning a brand story in conjunction with the media. The truth is these typically fall short of any meaningful innovation and just more of the same when you analyse what the product actually is, how accurate their claims are and crucially the quality of light produced.

Since its inception in 2011, Paul and David have responded to literally thousands of enquiries not just about products but driving lights and spotlights in general. This in itself is unique in the industry. Salespeople or 1800 'customer service' are typically bound by 9-5 corporate guidelines and just repeating the current corporate catalogue verbatim. We recently launched a new website and with it followed some great customer feedback and acknowledgement of Paul and David's assistance over the years. FYRLYT's commitment and unwavering resolve to not compromise light quality relevant to purpose sets it apart from other brands. This bold claim is tempered with the supporting empirical science anyone can independently research themselves. As we enter the last quarter of 2021, FYRLYT is looking forward to increasing its market presence not just in Australia but globally. You are dealing with an Australian business that prides itself on innovation, Australian supply and manufacturing.

No matter where you are, if your quest is ultimate light quality for driving, surveillance or biosecurity, Paul and David are always happy to answer your questions with zero obligation.


FYRLYT's customer service is unique. You talk to designers, Paul and David direct with no obligation.


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