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For those seeking ultimate light quality... Trust in FACTS you can verify yourself.

Coming into 2022, now more than ever people are realising that often to get to the truth you have to do your own research. Remember any brand, media or influencer has a commercial agenda. A salesperson in a store is just doing what they are told and what to sell to keep their job. FYRLYT? We are different as we design soley on the FIRST PRINCIPLE of ultimate light quality for its specific purpose the products are designed for. There is a lot more to seeing at night than just BRIGHTNESS. You have to take into account the physiology of how we see, react and additionally the effects as we grow older.

The questionable claims to still look out for.

We still hold concerns reading light tests or claims referring to reading newspapers at 1000 metres plus or 1/4 lux at 2500m+. Our advice if you see these catch phrases is to really question whether the brand, their marketing or media guru really knows what they are talking about. Another to be wary of is data extrapolated from 'LAB' tests designed to have you believe that is what you will see on the road. The odds are you will not. The real world of dust, moisture or particulate in the air can have an enormous effect on light quality as we discuss in depth re CRI, ACUITY & TYNDALL.

Hold us to account. Ask the questions with no obligation.

We still encourage you to verify what we say. We are that confident that even in basic google searches in the areas of CRI, ACUITY, TYNDALL and DARK ADAPTATION you will see FYRLYT reflects the evidence and accepted principles. The truth about vision at night remains clear. "4 REASONS WHY FYRLYT" is an informed choice that withstands objective scrutiny. Talk to Paul or David direct with no obligation. We are here to maximise your night driving safety and ability to see better after dark.


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