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Driving lights? From 4 Lightforce 240 HIDs to FYRLYT NEMESIS. Geoffrey Craig shares his experience.

"Hi how are you, I hope all is going well. I would like to do a report on what I have found with your spotlights that I fitted to my truck as well my 4x4.

The lights fitted are your larger lights at 24 V 250 W (NEMESIS 9000). I had two on my Land Rover defender and four on my truck. The lights on my Land Rover defender that is done approximately 7000 km of night time driving including heavy rain and fog. These lights I cannot fault in anyway at all they are reliable and the light comes from them makes it very easy for me to spot the animals and travelling long hours at night just stressed free.

The light I fitted to my truck which replaced for my Lightforce XGT HID lights are just incredible. They have been on my light now for approximately two years and I have done about 16,000 km of night time hours. The Lightforce XGT HID lights which I also had four of, initially quite nice extremely bright and gave me great distance but animals were basically invisible, within a very short time the reflector smoked up the lenses yellowed from sunlight and their reliability of these I found nothing but pathetic.

I was forever travelling with one or two lights out which is very frustrating when you are in remote regional Australia. I fitted your Fyrlyt spotlights and in all this time I've had no problems at all other than the occasional lens failure which has been covered under warranty which the support from you has been Above and beyond expectations.

The colour rendition of these lights provides fantastic vision for spotting cows brumbies donkeys kangaroos and every other nasty animal that runs in front of trucks.

Please note I am in no way affiliated with your company and I have received no sponsorship or payments for this recommendation of these lights. My only problem with these lights I wish I had a set some 30 years ago when I started doing extreme distance driving as they make it a pleasure to drive through the night.

Thank you for producing such a fantastic product for the Australians made by Australians I think every vehicle should have a set. As in reality driving by day you can see 100% of everything in a standard vehicle driving by night you can see approximately 10% of you need to see, with the pathetic lights that are in manufactured vehicles where is your spotlights greatly increase that making my night driving so very much safer.

Please feel free to place my unbiased honest letter on your website and any future advertising. Thank you and have a fantastic week.

Kindest Regards,

Geoff Craig."

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