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FTV-640 thermal camera is in production.

The first FTV-640 camera kits will be in customers hands in the next few weeks. Those that submitted a reservation form will have or be about to receive a phone call. If after reading this you wish to reserve a camera with no obligation please follow this link.

Every camera is serial numbered and paired with a SAMSUNG A7 tablet preloaded and configured with the FTV APP ready to go.


The FTV-640 basic camera system will ship as follows:

  • FTV-640 camera module

  • Quick release 'Arca' style camera mount (installed on camera)

  • SAMSUNG A7 tablet with the FTV-640 APP preinstalled and configured

  • Fitted hard case

There are two optional components available that make up the FTV-640 system.

  • FTV POWER MODULE - " FTV BLACK BOX". This allows independent RF wireless ON/OFF operation of the camera and spotlight if installed. No cables through the roof. We have eliminated wire wrap up, potential disconnection or plug end damage.

  • FTV HELLFYR BRACKET MOUNT - A CNC machined mounting bracket that seamlessly integrates the FTV camera with the HELLFYR spotlight. The camera is attached or removed from the spotlight in seconds


The FTV GUI control interface. Purpose designed.

Core to the user experience is the interface between camera and the viewing device. We started with a clean sheet design approach. As opposed to an adapted monocular the FTV was totally focussed on being controlled from inside a vehicle with the ability to integrate seamlessly with a white light spotlight if desired. Designed & made in Adelaide, South Australia

Remember you are dealing with the people that have designed and make this system. This offers you an unparalleled level of owner support. No middlemen or salespeople. We are here to assist you make an informed decision on what device/setup/configuration would best work for your needs. No obligation.

Government agency, research & anti-poaching

Please contact us directly or email to discuss your requirements. CONTACT


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