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FTV-640 thermal camera system update.


We are in the final phases of verification. *Anticipated release remains late March/April 2023. Final pricing is yet to be verified but anticipated at mid 6 to high 6K $AUD. (*Final specifications subject to change without notice.)

Reserve FTV-640 from first production run.

We are offering a no obligation RESERVATION for those interested in the FTV-640 system. SUBMISSION HERE - RESERVE FTV-640

FTV-640 system overview.

A remote mounted thermal camera system with the optional direct integration to a spotlight. (HELLFYR 12000 / SPOTFYR 12000 / other remote mounted spotlights.) This is not a rebranded existing thermal camera or adapted monocular. We explain this integration at the INFO link at bottom of this post.

Unprecedented customer support.

FYRLYT have designed and configured this system from the ground up and it is being made right here in Adelaide, South Australia. You are dealing direct with the design team.

The system arrives ready to go.

Every FTV-640 system will be delivered preconfigured with tablet, app installed, extensively tested and individually serial numbered.

The system features:

  • European sensor 640x480

  • 50mm F1.0 germanium lens with integral flip-cap cover

  • Hi speed stable 5G WIFI data streaming - 160Mbps (cable free)

  • Monoblock CNC machined alloy housing and mounting base. No plastic.

  • Heavy duty Arca lever style quick release mounting clamp with locking mechanism

  • FTV POWER MODULE allows independent switching of the thermal camera and spotlight if integrated.

  • High definition Android tablet (1920x1200) preconfigured with the proprietary FTV control software

  • Fitted hard case

FTV-640 compared to a a remote mounted monocular?

There are numerous handheld monoculars being adapted to remote use however they often require hard wiring to a tablet for display. Inevitably this potentially risks cable WRAP UP when the spotlight is rotated. Whilst some are capable of wifi data streaming they are prone to latency/lag or requiring a periodic system reboot. Hardly ideal for a working professional. Other potential issues are lack of integral stable mounting and durability when attached to the top of a vehicle. The lightweight construction of most monoculars make sense as a device to be carried but not mounted on the roof of a vehicle for sustained use.

Purpose designed for professionals.

The FTV-640 is specifically designed for remote mounting on a vehicle. No compromise.

We were determined to continue on from the FYRSTIK's wireless power delivery to eliminate any hard wired data or power cord that could WRAP UP with spotlight rotation. Our WIFI design, hardware and integration sees a stable 160Mbps. In beta testing we have streamed with no issues to a tablet up to 100M from the camera. No internet connection required.

Not all mounting brackets are equal.

We have designed the HELLFYR / SPOTFYR integration bracket as per the FYRLYT design DNA. Not an added on after thought. Precision CNC machined alloy with the familiar FYRLYT anodised finish. Being system designed the camera module balances perfectly and makes any alternative obsolete. No plastic. No folded sheet metal.

The FTV GUI control interface. For professionals.

Nothing ruins usability faster than a complicated menu system or icons more suited to video games or social media influencers. Based on experience we know what its like in the field as a solo operator driving and controlling a spotlight etc. Nothing existed so we created and programmed it from the ground up right here in Australia. The right hand side menu can easily be 'slid' out of main screen view whilst the most accessed functions on the left are large icons designed for easy activation as required. IMAGE and VIDEO CAPTURE with WHITE HOT / BLACK HOT palettes on demand. APP available as android and ios enabling future updates as required. The HD tablet included has the FTV app preinstalled and configured ready to go.

More FTV-640 information at the webpage HERE.



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