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FYRLYT driving light feedback from within the 4x4 industry.

When choosing driving lights for your four wheel drive, truck or SUV it can be confusing. The market has never had so many brands offering so many options. This is further compounded when so many lights are essentially rebranded generic Chinese LEDs with perhaps some stylistic changes but fundamentally the same.

This feedback on Facebook from an Australian 15 year 4x4 industry professional, Adam Scott.

"...If it helps, I have worked in mechanical and in sales for both the major 4WD stores in Australia over the past 15 years. Always owning modified 4x4's and driving a lot of off-road conditions. Safe to say I have driven with almost every driving light available from XGT HID, Genesis HID, Narva Extreme HID, Rigid Industries LED, Great White LED, STEDI LED, IPF Extreme Sport LED and most of the HELLA range to name a few. I have also sold literally hundreds of FYRLYTs to many customers off my own personal experience and recommendation. I have use the FYRLYT NEMESIS since its release (I'm guessing about 8 years ago). Survived everything I have put them through and light output/drivability beyond anything else (no single light can do everything). Followed up by unprecedented knowledge and support from people such as Paul Alisauskas who will personally provide you with hours of his time to explain/warrant and backup his quality product. I suggest you drive with a pair and make your own decision..."


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