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FYRLYT MOFO 12000 driving lights. Keep on TRUCK'N!

Fresh in from Andreas @ FYRLYT Nordic is this customers SCANIA R770 XT 10x4*6 equipped with five MOFO 12000's on the roofline. Why FYRLYT and not LED? If you are not familiar with FYRLYT, this is a good question!

The reason is simple. Light output quality that enables you to see more in all conditions especially in air laden with moisture or snow and ice. This is due to the TYNDALL effect of longer wavelength light compared to LED's shorter wavelength causing increased backscattering in your field of vision. (Remember this equally applies to dust, fog, smoke etc).

Be aware of media or sales information forever hyping BRIGHTNESS, WHITENESS or LIKE DAYLIGHT as being ideal for night driving. Without context or understanding the basic physics this is often misleading and worse may actually compromise your driving safety.

We explain this in great detail on our website under the title of 4 REASONS WHY and our designers will answer any questions with no obligation be it re the SCIENCE or installing FYRLYT on your specific vehicle.

We encourage you to read our user feedback. Given it is now 2022, the majority are people who have switched to FYRLYT after using LED or HID. That in itself is worth considering if your priority is maximising your night driving safety.

A fair question is why do not the big branded stores or many others not sell FYRLYT? This is a reasonable commercial reality. They often have their own product lines that naturally they push and sometimes mandated as corporate policy. Some businesses build a model on easiest products to sell in response to you the consumer.

FYRLYT challenges that status quo but if you purchase a performance product based on verifiable evidence it just maybe the right fit for you.


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