HELLFYR 12000 spotlight now $770 RRP.

We always believed the HELLFYR 12000 spotlight although niche would enjoy a degree of success. 2020 saw it achieve a level where we have now been able to reduce the RRP from $995.00 to $770.00 due to manufacturing efficiencies. The professional market is by its nature a discerning one and whilst we were confident it was very much a scenario where the user would decide on its merits in the field.

Certain brands and types had enjoyed unwavering loyalty for years and HELLFYR was going to have be pretty special for these users to change from what they had known. Indeed in some regions early on, HELLFYR was seen as a stranger in town trying to sit on a bar stool that no one but a local sat on.

Equally important to the success has been the scenario of customers being able to talk directly with Paul & David, the designers who have spent tens of thousands of hours in the field themselves and still do. This is unique and a dynamic FYRLYT values in furthering product improvement, manufacturing and innovation right here in Australia. As they say, the rest is history and HELLFYR has proven itself and networked itself via the bush telegraph in the remotest regions. It's combination with the recently released FYRSTIK remote control handle now sees a professional system at a new level. The FULL STORY OF HELLFYR IS HERE

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