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Revamped website, Finland & Leg Warmers. Plus CLIP-ON FILTERS exposed. Again.

WEBSITE REVAMP & SSL CREDIT CARD OPTIONS August 2019 has been quite a month. The website, particularly the mobile version has been given a substantial work over. The BUY DIRECT function has had a SSL encryted STRIPE PAYMENT gateway added as an option to PayPal. Any credit card can now be used. Still some final polish to be done but already usage has skyrocketed and more information being accessed and shared.

Ok. FINLAND and LEGWARMERS. Now depending on your age, you may either have Irene Cara from Flashdance re legwarmers in your head (Oh What a Feeling) OR a Monty Python tune re Finland. Finland. Finland. If so... We apologise for the inevitable ear worms now in your head.

Our Nordic distributor, posted a video from our dealer, Matt in Finland which illustrates a fundamental benefit of FYRLYT in extreme winter conditions, especially snow and ice.

You see LEDs can be problematic in how they ice over in extreme conditions rendering them useless. In similar conditions, FYRLYTs will often melt the ice or snow from the front lens surface. Additionally Matt reports standing in front of NEMESIS 9000's can warm up any body part and dry clothing in sub zero conditions... However by far the BIGGEST advantage over LED & HID is detailed below the picture gallery...

THE IRREFUTABLE TRUTH OF FYRLYT's 100 CRI IN SNOW & ICY CONDITIONS. LED & HID JUST CANNOT COMPETE. This is a BIG statement to make but is solid science re CRI (colour rendering index). FYRLYT's rated at 100 CRI whereas typical LED & HID only deliver 70 CRI. More problematic still is those missing 30 CRI are in a vital part of the spectrum where much relevant detail lies. This equally remains true in dusty conditions in the Australian Outback or the silt beds in California and Mexico.

Snow & ice being stark white is THE LAST ENVIRONMENT you want blue wavelength biased lights such as LED or HID due to the TYNDALL effect and back scattering. You lose distance and exacerbate eye glare resulting in driver fatigue. FYRLYT allows you to see further, more relevant detail and with increased driver comfort, especially over long periods!

THE COMMON LED & HID PROBLEM... LOOKOUT FOR THE 5000K HYPE & SNAKEOIL! LEDs and HIDs, especially 5000K are typically 'marketed' as bright and white as daylight therefore being 'IDEAL' for night driving. NOTHING could be farther from the TRUTH. Ask an ophthalmologist about adaptive night vision. Read the report from the AMA (American Medical Association) re issues of blue biased light at night. Just because the industry 'push' it does not make it 'best'.

CLIP-ON FILTERS? WHAT YOU SHOULD CONSIDER. THE TRUTH. Clip-on type filters allow snow and any road borne debris to be trapped between the the lens and filter. This costs you extra money and compromises light output in any conditions. Even if the design claims fully sealed it still does not discount the extra optical surfaces costing you light transmission. That is physics. You may well ask why brands still offer this accessory? They want you to buy more accessories and secondly are trying to protect their lenses as once they are damaged cannot in most cases be repaired. The vast majority of LEDs fall into this category. Beware.

IS YOUR LENS REPLACEABLE? Before you buy any light, ASK is the lens able to be replaced and if so can you do it yourself? Fact is in many cases the answer is NO. Why? In the event of damage you are forced to purchase another light. FYRLYT thinks this is wrong, hence our design and ethos of a product for a lifetime of use always able to be maintained to as new performance. Good for your pocket and the environment.

FYRLYT's LENS DELIVERS MORE BENEFITS. As of mid 2019, FYRLYT switched to tempered borosilicate glass that features great durability, scratch resistance and optical transparency. The visual difference is immediately obvious. It is crystalline clear and really POPS compared to any plastic type lens. The lens is the same push twist bayonet installation and can replace the previous polycarbonate type.

NEXT B'LOG FROM THE CAMPFYR? TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION. We give our thoughts on the current status quo of the market and media still maintaining and in some cases doubling down on endorsing LEDs of 5000K and above. Our experiences with the media & industry since 2011, point to something 'NOT ADDING UP' with some very 'odd' scenarios we feel is in the consumer's interest to be aware of and form their own view. The adage of JUST BECAUSE IT IS SAID DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE is unfortunately more relevant than ever in so many aspects of today's 'connected' world!


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