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The true cost of owning driving lights? FYRLYT's new matrix exposes a few TRUTHS!

We cannot recall anyone ever addressing this scenario of driving light investment and ownership. For those happy with cheap 'n cheerful this maybe irrelevant BUT for those who dig a bit deeper it maybe useful. What we see is defined by human physiology. For the specific task of driving at night there is a 'sweet spot' of ideal volume, distance and relevant detail for our brain to process in milliseconds to determine driver input.

If a light is of poor quality in any aspect then it is compromising driver safety. This includes lights that appear BRIGHT and hyped to shine at huge distances. This is nothing more than snake oil marketing. Do not fall for it. FYRLYT approaches its design based on science and sound engineering to deliver optimal results for the task.

What happens after your warranty expires with other brands? In most cases you are out of luck. LEDs are not designed to be repairable or replaceable. In typical arrays, individual LEDs can fail even in lights costing $1500+. Not a good feeling and some very disenfranchised owners are now expressing their disappointment on Facebook.

Every component of a FYRLYT is available and in most cases can be easily repaired by even the most technically challenged! Right back to the benefits of good, considered design and engineering. In ten years time your lights are still able to perform as new for minimal cost. We throw that challenge to any other brand to openly state that as fact re their offerings.

Now consider this diagram below. Now depending on your retailer, SOME may not like this as they want you to keep spending money in a never ending cycle. FYRLYT IS A BETTER SOLUTION. If you have a friend, colleague in turmoil re what light to choose we think this is worth sharing so they are at least informed. As is the FYRLYT way we ALWAYS welcome any questions with ZERO OBLIGATION. We are here to help. Regards,

Paul / David / Mr Benson & The Marketing Guy...


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