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We CSI the video footage frame by frame. BRIGHT WHITE like DAYLIGHT LEDs. 5 seconds until impact.


Here is the second stage of our CSI of the LED footage sent by a customer. We want to make our methodology clear to give this meaningful context. This is informative rather than just another Kardashian butt twerk insta vid.

We are NOT going to show the frame of impact, if that is what floats your canoe we suggest a good therapist.

A lot that can be learned from this footage and it is a chilling reminder of what can go wrong if you CANNOT SEE objects in time to react. THAT IS THE KEY.

Bright white lights may indeed illuminate out to your horizon making you feel KING OF THE ROAD but when it is at the cost of NOT SEEING what is relevant to an imminent collision what is the point?

If your pupil is constricted due to blinding foreground light or the colour detail and contrast is not there you are behind the proverbial 8 ball. You have been misled by the person/s, brand, media or salesperson who convinced you.

This driver has had that experience with these LED lights and thankfully to a cool head in milliseconds he did not roll his vehicle. However his wallet and insurance took a multi thousand dollar hit. His immediate response and upon reflection of his ownership of these lights is HE WAS NOT SEEING STUFF HE NEEDED TO SEE. The BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT and all the other HYPE he had been sold had FAILED HIM and now had cost him big time.

The full video will follow soon but this is food for those genuinely interested in dealing with FACTS not FICTION. To be clear. THIS IS NOT A PHD academic review but what we think is a thorough real world objective analysis of a very serious issue. It is a singular event but resonated with many discussions we have had with customers. The LED and HID lights they bought in good faith had let them down when it mattered.

This video will demonstrate why CRI (colour rendering index) is crucial and where LED in most driving lights is seriously deficient. (Note some architectural LEDs and videography LEDs are quite good but they are not used in driving lights so therefore irrelevant.

Can we also suggest those that believe they are super human drivers read the various studies of driver reaction times re distance traveled and put this in context of a singular micro second event in a journey.

Nothing in life is guaranteed BUT you do have a choice of equipping yourself with products that either enhance or diminish your driving safety. Cheap tyres, cheap brakes, cheap suspension etc... AND YOUR DRIVING LIGHT CHOICE! Something to ponder... To be cont'd... PART #03 will be THE FOOTAGE.


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