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NEMESIS 9000 versus LED & HID User feedback.

Over the past 28 years I have regularly driven from Melbourne to Cape York, last year I did the trip 4 times. I regularly drive all night. The road from Bourke to Barcaldine and then to either Longreach or Torrens Creek would have to be some of the worst for Roo’s, pigs and Barstard Birds in Australia.

I’ve tried a lot of lights and combinations, the last being H.I.D extreme driving lights and 3 roof mounted L.E.D’s and I’ve hit a lot of wild life. Late last year after hitting a big red at 100km dead centre and smashing both H.I.D’s, 1 headlight, 1 fog lamp, bending the ARB bar and both side rails, bending after market radiator guard and dislodging the bottom radiator tank I decided to try something different so I fitted a pair of Fyrlyt Nemesis 9000’s and their wiring loom.

I had a problem in Cooktown with 1 converter, I rang Fyrlyt and had 2 new converters arrive in the mail in 2 days at no cost, great customer service. The lights are the best I’ve ever experienced, much easier on my eyes and it is noticeable how much easier it is to pick up wildlife on or approaching the road. Maybe just a coincidence but my first trip with the Fyrlyt Nemesis 9000’s was the first ever that I didn’t hit anything. They do draw over 40 amps but they are a high performance lights that once you have experienced would make it hard to go back to anything else. The 3 L.E.D’s are defunct now but I’ll leave them on as a backup.

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