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Customer feedback after purchasing FYRLYT LUXSIS 5000's.

We get many questions as to how good is the LUXSIS 5000, especially at its lesser price point than NEMESIS 9000. What does $599.00 deliver in reality especially compared to similar priced LEDs or HIDs? As a sum of its parts and performance value for the dollar, the LUXSIS 5000 is a giant killer. Beyond the light source it is the relationship of how the output is utilised by the reflector design and optics as to what is actually seen. How good is the LUXSIS 5000 driving light? The reflector when compared to an even larger competitors '240' size delivers more relevant light despite FYRLYT being more compact. It is simply a superior geometry for the purpose of driving. Be aware some brands reflector designs are designed for one purpose and that is a tight spotlight which is NOT what you want for a driving light! To get around this they may use a clip on filter to disperse the beam but this is a very compromised solution with inevitable performance loss due to additional optical surfaces. It really is a sales gimmick best left in the past. The LUXSIS 5000 without fuss delivers a driving light experience beyond most HIDs or LEDs regardless of price. It is the right volume, in the right place with maximum detail that only halogen can deliver. 100 CRI. This is an irrefutable scientific fact that few gurus, salespeople or brands will ever tell you. Don't be misled by the bright white as daylight sales spiel! At night and whilst driving the eye's physiology and how we see is very specific and it is naive to just apply like daylight statements as being ideal. Listen out for this sales media catch cry and BEWARE! 5000K or greater? No. Period. Too often people overlook the function of a driving light and how that light is best deployed. Too much foreground, too much peripheral, too focussed, shadowed or distorted artifacts or 'black holes' are all factors that lesser designs exhibit. In summary the LUXSIS 5000 is the answer for most serious driving light needs especially for extended periods of touring or professionals who earn their living behind the wheel outback.


Glenn Stephenson

Just fitted a set of 5000’s today spoke directly with Paul over email and he even rang me directly to answer some questions I had. Also purchased the fyrlyt harness trouble free wiring took probably 30 minutes to fit. Went out bush got them adjusted up and WOW they literally throw light as far as the eye can see!!!!! Couldn’t be happier with these and will definitely be telling all my mates about them.

To learn more about the FYRLYT LUXSIS 5000 go here>

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