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New Driving Light Release. MOFO 12000.

FYRLYT is excited to release a new driving light after 12 months of discrete beta testing in Australia and Nordic regions. Built on the proven LUXSIS / NEMESIS FYRLYT light chassis as its foundation the output has been increased to 12000 lumens with a new step up convertor. This is 33% greater output than the NEMESIS 9000.

Whilst others may have been opportunistic in justifying a substantial price increase for the considerable performance gain, FYRLYT has elected to position the MOFO 12000 at the same price as the NEMESIS 9000 at $990.00 per pair. It fits with the design philosophy of the light chassis being a platform that is maintainable to as new performance past warranty and an entire lifetime. No other light brand offers this feature.

The result is a phenomenal light output of not just distance and volume but clarity in all conditions. The 100 CRI light source surpasses most LED type lights (including $1500 hybrid models) by 42% and in the most vital part of the spectrum. The MOFO 12000 positions itself in the hyper realms of performance in driving lights and is targeted at enthusiasts who look past generic advertising media hype and want to know the engineering and design is proven. The one caveat is FYRLYT does not advocate the MOFO for truck drivers covering huge kms annually under high beam operation. The NEMESIS 9000 is still a high performance light that is better suited for this use. FYRLYT designers, Paul Alisauskas and David Holmes have also included a cost effective upgrade path for existing NEMESIS 9000 owners with a RETROFIT kit for $330. The kit includes new MOFO convertors and bulbs that are an easy DIY install to existing NEMESIS setups.

The MOFO 12000 Driving light is available for purchase >HERE<

The NEMESIS 9000 to MOFO 12000 Conversion Kit is available for purchase >HERE<


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