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Part #01 - Anatomy of a driving light. The 'MOUNT'.

When assessing any product's merits you need to look at each component and its relationship to the whole assembly and how it performs over the life of the product. Driving lights can be very quickly sorted into a number of categories by the keen enthusiast. Price whilst sometimes being indicative is not necessarily always a true indicator of quality and value for performance delivered, especially long term. Firstly, the foundation of any driving light, the MOUNT. As a functional component it must be able to withstand vibrations, impacts, all whilst maintaining the light in an arbitrary fixed position. FYRLYT's design is unique and uses CNC machined billet alloy that results in a mount totally unrivaled by any other. It features a slot for the mounting bolt enabling fore and aft adjustment as well as being able to be totally reversed. Others utilise injection moulded plastic, die cast metal or even folded sheet metal on lights costing $1300 plus! Apart from the mount material and construction you need to look at the design. Criteria to be considered are how well does it hold the light in position as far as effective clamping force and has the centre of balance re the light housing's mass even been considered? Many LED lights are extremely heavy due to the required metal heat sinking and this can lead to real issues with the mount function including total failure. A cautionary tale. Do not always rely on the mount being available as a spare part from most brands. FYRLYT is designed to be a light for life with EVERY component available as a spare part without price gouging.

Ask any other light brand do they offer this or would they rather you purchase a complete new light? Great for them and the reseller but what about your wallet? The FYRLYT mount is not only designed to exceed every functional criteria but also a classic example of beautiful industrial design in its cohesive sculptural aesthetic. Next BLOG post will be PART #02 - "THE REFLECTOR"



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