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Upgrading NEMESIS 9000 to MOFO 12000? The response has been an avalanche!

Well it has only been 24 hours since the launch of the MOFO 12000 Driving Light and the response has been extraordinary.

Furthermore the offer to existing NEMESIS 9000 owners to retrofit their lights to MOFO 12000 performance was akin to an avalanche. Understandably, this upgrade path raised a few questions hence this blog post in response. The top five questions follow...


Q 1. How will I benefit by upgrading my NEMESIS 9000 to MOFO 12000?

A - Your light output will increase by 3000 lumens per light (33%). So a pair of lights delivers a 6000 lumen boost to 24000 lumens. This is not just about a level of brightness and but unrivalled clarity and detail definition no automotive LED or HID can attain. This is due to the 100 CRI rating compared to typical driving light LED @ 70 (even in $1500+ hybrid lights). FYRLYT delivers 42% more in the most vital part of the spectrum. Do not be misled by yellow type LEDs or yellow filters, they cannot improve the existing CRI of the LED and claims to the contrary have zero credibility. Every LED type is different and without the specific data you do not now what you are getting.

Q 2. What is the reality of another 33% light output over the NEMESIS 9000?

A - This is a good question. The simple benefit is IF you do a lot of sustained high beam long distance driving and want no compromise in resolving road hazards, ie wild life, live stock etc then the increased brightness in the relevant zone will be a very real benefit. We feel MOFO is right at subjectively the maximum level. (If you wish to discuss any aspect of this please call us zero obligation).

Remember this. The human eye and particularly as we age can only resolve a finite amount of detail and there are many factors to consider in the specific task of driving a vehicle at night. Can you have too much light? ABSOLUTELY!!! There is a distinct point of diminishing returns and in fact too much light or poor quality light especially in the foreground and or poorly controlled inevitably causes greater eye fatigue. This is a real trap for many newbies or people who just think any excess is going to be better. Don't let "show" cars festooned with half a dozen lights or self proclaimed media influencers who are often gifted free lights mislead you. A pair of MOFO 12000's will be a revelation to many as to what good quality driving lights are capable of in improving your night time driving safety.

Q 3. I have NEMESIS 9000's. Do I really need this? A - Make no mistake your existing NEMESIS lights are still a premium setup and for the majority provide more than enough output with a quality no LED or HID can match in all conditions, especially dust, rain or snow.

Q 4. What would be a good analogy of the MOFO 12000?

A - Let us offer an analogy. The Nemesis 9000 is a reliable car with 500HP, easy to drive and live with, in a nutshell, more than adequate! What we have done with the MOFO 12000 is added bigger turbos resulting in performance at the limit before it arguably could become counter productive. It is not for everyone and if in doubt please talk to Paul or David our designers with no obligation.

Q 5. How hard is it to install the MOFO 12000 kit to NEMESIS 9000? A - Thanks to the intrinsically clever design of the FYRLYT light chassis the install is easy an DIY. Simply swap out the convertors using the existing harness and replace bulbs supplied or leave existing bulbs if you wish and keep the new bulbs in your glovebox. If you have the older Lexan lenses then we recommend upgrading them to the now current design PYREX types. >BUY LENS HERE< OK IM CONVINCED. I WANT TO UPGRADE MY NEMESIS! >BUY MOFO UPGRADE KIT< I DONT HAVE NEMESIS. I WANT THE NEW MOFO 12000's! >BUY MOFO LIGHTS<


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Jul 23, 2021


I have only just purchased the 9000 Nemesis with the 24 v step up converters. (250W)

Sorry, but I don't understand the difference with the 12000. Could you please explain.

As a side note, I love the lights.


Greg Crawford

Normanville SA

Angela Egan
Angela Egan
Jul 23, 2021
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